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2nd Love story in English heart touching

Love story in English heart touching


Hello freinds,I’m Akanksha Kashyap.And welcome to my blog “storyobsession.com”, This is a  romantic love story (non-fiction). Hope you enjoy it.   2nd Love story in English heart touching   

                                      Title –   **    PHALA PYAR. **

Suhani was a girl from a big house, her father was an industrialist.  Suhani loved her father very much and her father also loved his life more.  Suhani’s father fulfilled her every wish. Suhani also believed everything he said.  Suhani had a friend in college, they were both best friends.

Her name was Rani and Rani was also of a good house. Both of them used to go to college together.  Once both were studying in the library.  A boy was sitting in front of him, he was a little poor, it was known from his clothes because his clothes were torn a bit.Both girls were reading and watching him and laughing.

Ranti told Suhani that no one comes with a face and comes to study in such a college. She was both making fun of him repeatedly and was laughing. But that boy was not responding to anything. After a while, both of them left from there. As soon as both of them sat in the car. Suhani remembered that she had forgotten her mobile at the same.

Suhani told Rani that I had forgotten my phone in the library itself. When both of them returned, they did not get Suhani’s phone there. The queen thought that the boy must have picked up her phone which was sitting in front of them. Suhani picked him up and said that I had kept my phone here.

Where is he hiding?  The boy’s name was Salman.  He said that I did not take any phone but Suhani started shouting at him and said that I had kept my phone on it and no one was sitting here except for the three of us. Suhani said let her bag Salman refused to give her bag.  But Suhani snatched her bag, Rani said, Suhani, don’t do what you are doing.

Then Suhani said that you do not know these little people. These people are very greedy.  Have not seen anyone’s precious thing, but just consider it as their own. Saying this, Salman emptied his entire bag, all his books were scattered on the table. Salman’s face went down, he was being insulted in front of everyone.


But he could not even resist it. But Rani scolded Suhani a lot and said that the bus was satisfied, nothing was found. Now let’s move away from here.  Salman Dabi started pouring his scattered things in his bag with his eyes closed.  Outside Suhani and Rani find their friend Aarti.  He said that your phone is called.  Suhani said that my phone has gone missing.

Aarti said that your phone is with Rajesh, he is showing your photos to everyone.  Both Suhani and Rani go to Rajesh and Suhani snatches her phone from Rajesh and scolds him a lot. Now Suhani realizes that she has done a lot wrong with Salman.  Suhani ran to Salman, but he was not there.

She was feeling very gilt. She sat in her tax and started going to her house.  On the way, he showed Salman that he was waiting for the bus standing at the bus stand. Suhani got out of her car and went to Salman. He said please forgive me, I insulted you a lot. I will not leave you till you forgive me.

Salman said that I did not mind anything about you. Because anyone can insult the poor, but the poor always have to listen.  Will I forgive you? Poor can’t forgive anyone. Suhani said, I am ashamed of my heart and am apologizing to you from the heart. Please forgive me, okay, I forgive you, Salman said.

Suhani said can we be friends. Saman said rich poor can never be friends. You said forgive me, I forgive you. But we can never be friends. Salman’s bus arrived and he sat in it and left. Suhani also went to her house. The next day when Suhani came to college, Rani told her that some boys were killing Salman.

Those boys tore one page of all his books. When Suhani reached there, those boys had gone.  Salman was lying on the ground, his mouth was swollen. His books were scattered Suhani picked up Salman and his bag and torn books with the help of some students.

Suhani took him to the doctor and got him treated and took him to his house.  Salman’s mother got nervous seeing Salman and he asked Suhani how all this happened. Suhani said that I do not even know aunt when I reached there, Salman was injured. I did not even get a chance to ask anyone.

Suhani said, good aunt, I am moving, you take care of Salman, saying that Suhani picked up Salman’s torn books and went away from there. that day she went back to her home instead of going to college. Suhani’s father asked Suhani how did you come so soon, son.

Suhani told what happened and went to her room. She was sitting in her room all day and was linking Salman’s book with tape. The next day she went to Salman’s house. Salman’s condition was now better than before. He asked Salman how are you now but Salman did not answer. Suhani said, are you still angry for that matter?Have you not forgiven me yet. Salman said no, that is not the case.  For that matter, I have forgiven you.  Just feeling a little bit weak.


Suhani took out Salman’s books from her bag and said that I have added your books by sitting all day tomorrow. Salman said thank you Suhani. Suhani said thank you do not want you will be my friend.  Salman said I told you that we cannot be friends.  Suhani said that when I have no problem then what is the problem with you.

I don’t want to hear anything, now you have to be my friend. Salman said, “Okay, Baba, you won, I lost my friend from now on. Then both studied together and roamed.  In this way, the two became best friends a few days later. Gradually, their friendship turned into love.

One day, both of them were sitting in a restaurant holding each other’s hands, when a man came, he said, what are you doing with this boy here and why have you held his hand.  Suhani did not know that she was a con. Suhani said who are you and I am with anyone, who are you to stop me.

Then the man said that you ask this question only to your father, who is Rudrapratap Konan? After saying this man went away from there. When Suhani reached home, she asked her father who this Rudrapratap was.  Then Suhani’s father said that son, he is your father-in-law.  I have arranged your marriage with his son Sudhir.

Suhani was saddened upon hearing this and fell unconscious on the ground with a bang. Her father picked Suhani from the ground and took her to her room. Suhani’s father called the doctor. The doctor said that there is not much problem, due to stress, she has fainted.

I have given it an injection, it will come to my senses after some time.  Then the doctor left from there and after a while Suhani regained consciousness. He asked his father, father did not even ask me and fixed my marriage. Suhani’s father said that this relationship has been decided by my father.


So now I cannot do anything, you will have to get married. Listening to his father, Suhani became like a misguided person.  He could not understand what to do, how could he handle all these situations.

Suhani was very much in love with Salman.  And she did not want to marry Rudrapatap’s son Mayank under any circumstances.  But she also loved her father very much, she was also very upset about the fact that her dignity should not get mixed up in the soil.


 What will be the next step of Suhani: –


It was the next day of school and Suhani arrived a little late. It was only in the class that her principal interrupted her from behind .. Suhani you are late today, why?  This has not happened till date, no particular reason.

Suhani – No sir, no such thing, just a little late.

Principal Sir – Never mind, the class has started and then Suhani goes to class. All these things Salman was listening to sitting in the classroom.  That mind was thinking that today Suhani seems to be losing some bagasse and has also come late, what must have happened at home.  Somewhere, because of Uncle who took him yesterday, nothing happened because of him.

The class ends and Salman goes to Suhani. she asks Suhani the reason for her sadness, but at first Suhani hesitates a little, then she tells Salman everything.

Knowing all this, Salman becomes unhappy in his heart but does not let Suhani realize this and the hugger speaks on a smile, never mind that everything will be alright. Let us together explain to the family.


Suhani comes home.  At home, she wants to talk to her father, was trying to tell about Salman, but then she stops, so that nothing goes wrong.


Slowly the time was going on and Suhani was getting upset because she was afraid that Rudrapratap would come home and not talk about her and her son’s marriage and then she would not be able to say anything to her father.


One day the house rang and Suhani was shocked to see Rudrapratap and her son at the door, she could not understand what she would do now, how would she stop this marriage.


Suhani’s father asks Suhani to bring breakfast.  And welcomes Rudrapratap and Mayank. Rudrapratap was about to start the wedding that when Suhani comes there and says .., Papa, I have something to say.

Suhani’s father – Say yes son, what’s the matter.

Suhani – Papa, I do not want to get married, because I love someone else and want to marry him. Hearing this, Rudrapratap fires up and wakes up. What is this your daughter saying, she loves someone else, we will not forget such a big beige. Suhani’s father is unable to say anything.


If you had come, then I feel that if you add a relationship with love, you will have to force yourself – Rudrapratap said.  And by saying this he goes away with his son.

Suhani is scared to hear that it will happen now. If Suhani’s father-son was such a thing, then why didn’t you tell me earlier?

Suhani – Papa didn’t dare, I thought you wouldn’t agree.  Come am sorry father

Suhani’s father – No problem, now you have to think what to do next.  Rudrapratap will not sit silent, he is a very stubborn and obstinate man.

Suhani – Papa, how can you stop. Don’t make me, even if I do it, I will not be able to live.

Suhani’s father – Oh no son, don’t talk like that, I do something.

Rudrapratap’s men were guarding Suhani’s house throughout the day to see what Suhani is called, what she does, what she gets, everything.

And that’s why she was not able to meet Salman so much.

But one day Salman hides in Suhani’s room while hiding from everyone. Suhani is happy to see Salman, both hug each other and then Suhani calls her father to introduce Salman.

After meeting Suhani’s father Salman, the relationship of the two approves.  Seeing this, Suhani and Salman become very themselves. Suhani’s father promises Suhani that his marriage will not be against his will.

next day, Suhani and Salman get married to everyone.  But Rudrapratap comes to know this and he takes a gun and comes to Suhani’s house.

But upon entering the house, he calms down upon seeing Salman and stops.  Suhani and all the householders were afraid that Rudrapratap would not shoot.  But seeing Rudrapratap stalled, Mayank asks his father, why did you stop, Papa, shoot him.


But Rudrapratap hugs Salman and apologizes to Suhani and his father.  No one understands what is happening.

Rudrapratap weeps and says – Salman is the son of my first wife whom I lost due to my mistake. Not even Salman, I am his father to the public, but I used to pray to meet him everyday.

This morning when I was getting angry, I found my first wife Reena, and found this out after much prayer.  Everyone was shocked to hear this.


Rudrapratap apologizes the most and blesses Salman and Suhani.

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