Sad love story in English Short 2022 | Heart touching short sad love stories

    Sad love story in English Short 2022 |Heart touching short sad love stories

                                          “All is going half”


Sad love story in English
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(Sad love story in English Short 2022 | Heart touching short sad love stories ) Roshan and Roshni had a two-year relationship.  Even today, when she remembers her first meeting, it seems like it is only yesterday. Roshan remembers everything that Roshani wore that day.

They say, how does the time pass, it is not known, it is realized after passing. Roshan and Roshni were talked through Facebook. Nobody knew a short hello would last long.  Both used to talk a lot. Both started talking well.

The light often sat alone.  He liked to sit alone and think about the light for hours. His grin, he laughed softly, lost himself in himself and felt ashamed of himself .. It seemed as if Roshan was sitting in front of him. And his sarati baat has bent his eyelid.  Continuation of such things goes on …

Roshni had created a different world of her own where she had thousands of dreams with light and there was no place for anyone.  She was happy between those dreams and memories. But they say that there is a difference of the sky between dreams and reality. Sad love story in English Short 2022 | Heart touching short sad love stories

Not every dream takes the form of reality.  And the reality is very different from dreams. In reality, there is no place for dreams.  And dreams are dreams, they are broken. The sooner this thing is understood, the better it is …

But love is blind, we have been shown this thing for centuries. In real life, Roshni wanted to talk as much as she could and she was in many times more dreams than she was. But the truth was different.  They did not talk more than each other.

The relationship that has been laid on the basis of the condition, how many days it can last .., it is difficult to say, but if the truth is true, it will last a lifetime.

Both wanted to talk, but Roshan put some conditions: First – that he will not spend money.  Second – he will only be able to give some time. And the third is not a condition but just said one thing that he will never leave the light.

Roshni approved all the talk. Because love for her is not a condition but a feeling that she felt for Roshni.  The two met for the first time in a coffee shop on January 29.  Both were residents of Gaya district of Bihar.  Saraswati Puja festival was going on all over the country that day.

For the first time Roshan saw Roshan in a salwar kameez and his eyes were blocked for some time. There was a lot of talk. And then both came home. Today, after two years, nothing is going well between the two. The dreams that Roshni had decorated were like breaking up.

It seemed that all the dreams remained incomplete. “All remained incomplete” and nothing but moisture in the eyes.  Roshni had no problem with the first two conditions, but the third thing will never leave her illuminated.  He was now seen falling apart.

It is said that the closeness and expectations of relationship with time increases. He has waited for an hour, a day and sometimes even a month to talk once.

Do not know how many desires were in those eyes when he had said those things somewhere. All of them remained incomplete today.


sad love story


Moral of this story: – Sad love story in English Short 2022 | Heart touching short sad love stories

1. Do not believe so much on anyone that later that trust will hurt you.


2. To love someone is not a crime and remember that under the guise of that love, no one should snatch away your eyes, and somewhere the smile of that love is not your smile. so, dont do this

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