Short Motivational story for Students in english – BOARD EXAM


Short Motivational story for Students in english – BOARD EXAM

short motivational story for student


 Hello friends, I am Akanksha Kashyap welcome all of you reading to my blog   “STORY OBSESSION”.
 As you can see in the title that today’s story is for our youth.  And I am writing this for all the students.  Hope you all get to learn something and you will encourage it. Short Motivational story for Students in English – BOARD EXAM 
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 Sakshi, Sonal, Sonam, and Rohan are those close friends of the college who do everything together.  There is a group of them which is known to the whole college.  Along with the students, all the teachers also know this.  They are famous for their talent and ability.
 Be it any function in college or any competition, these four friends always participate and win.  The whole college calls him by the name of #SSSR.
Motivational story for Students


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 Wherever it was, their hearts were connected. They do not think at all before helping each other.  And no one can speak against them, such as the way of these friends. New Motivational story for Students in English – BOARD EXAM by Akanksha Kashyap
 Everyone’s heart is connected like a wire that if one were happy then all would be happy and if one cried then all would start crying too.  If spoken in one dialect, then the loincloth is a friend.
 Everyone has their personality and that is why they complete each other.
 Sonal:- Takes full care of what is trending in fashion.  It is known to all.  What type of dress would suit people, someone asked them.
 She is always on tip-top, Madam also teaches others what they should wear.  But they do not like someone to judge them by their clothes.
 And she sprinkles her life on her friends.  Who is the beloved of your father, that’s why if the world goes to the fence, then go after their fashion alive?
Sakshi:-  What do you expect from a girl wearing big glasses in her eyes.  That’s what she would study and would be very good at teaching.  Sakshi is good at doing experiments but in studies… not at all. Short Motivational story for students in English – BOARD EXAM 
 Yes, Sakshi loves machines.  If anything went wrong in the house, the witness used to attend.  But it has nothing to do with fat books.  Believes in doing practicals.  Not my father’s beloved, but my grandmother’s beloved.
 Sonam:- She loves to eat and feed.  Makes new food recipes every day and feeds everyone.  Not only to your family members but also to the people around you.  And that is why there is talk of eating it in the whole locality.  From child to old uncle also know the taste of its food.  By eating well, people think well and do work well, this is Sonam’s thinking.
 Rohan:- Favorite of all the girls in his class.  And the best-looking guy in class.  The life of all the girls, someone’s brother’s life, and someone’s life.  He wins everyone’s heart with his charming face.  But spends his life with his family.  Rohan loves music and wants to further his life in the name of music.

Board Exam Date:-🌼🌼

 It is said that the world is not what it seems.  Today we are so lost in this dazzling world that we cannot see the hidden darkness.
 Let me take you a little back in life, how these four friends with different backgrounds and different skills became such good friends after all. Motivational story for Students in English – BOARD EXAM by Akanksha Kashyap
Motivational story for Students in english - BOARD EXAM by Akanksha Kashyap


 This is a year ago today when the 10th result came and after a few months, these saints went to Trivedi Senior College to take admission in 11th.
 The four saw each other for the first time in the principal’s office.  All these were running a little late.  The date of admission was out and these four were requesting that you please
 Take them for admission.

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 One by one, the four reach the principal’s office.  Everyone’s problem is the same.  But the principal refuses, on requesting everyone gets admission.
 For the first time that day, the four also supported each other. But what did they know that they are going to be the best friends of tomorrow.
Short Motivational story for Students in english – BOARD EXAM
 After getting admission, everyone comes out of the college.
 Sonam:- Hello guys… my name is Sonam.  And I am from Kolkata.  I am Bengali.
 Sakshi, Sonal, Rohan:- Hello Sonam.
 Sonam:- Won’t you guys tell about yourself?
 Sakshi:- My name is Sakshi.  I am from Delhi and I am not Bengali.
 (everyone starts laughing)
 Sonal:- I am Sonal, from Mumbai, totally stylish.
 Everyone smiles.
 Rohan:- I Rohan, you must have heard the name.  I am Punjabi, Dil ka bada.., Desi Munda.
 And everyone smiles looking at each other and goes outside the college to the water bowls cart and from there, their conversation starts.
 Now all four talk every day and study together.  And such days gradually passed in months and gradually the discussions of their friendship also started happening a lot.  By participating in every competition, teachers also started knowing that these four are friends and people call them from #SSSR. Motivational story for Students in English – BOARD EXAM by Akanksha Kashyap

Preparation for Board Exam:-🌼🌼

 Every coin has two sides.  Both the aspects don’t need to be as we want.  Sometimes we take what we see as the truth and do not understand the need to look further.
 The date of the board exam was over and all the children were busy preparing for it.  Here Sakshi, Sonal, Sonam, and Rohan were also busy with their studies.
 Teachers would come to the college and teach the children the right way to prepare and they would leave.  As the date was approaching, the enthusiasm among the children was increasing.  After all, if you pass here, then only you will be able to move forward.  At the same time, there was some tension and it is bound to happen.
Motivational story for Students in english - BOARD EXAM by Akanksha Kashyap


 The next day – as soon as the class was over, some children left for home, some went to study in the library and some went to a party with friends.  Sonal was also going to go home because today there was worship in her house and that is why she left a little early.
 Sonam’s health was not feeling well, so she too went to her home early.
 Sakshi was just about to leave the house that she started looking for Rohan, thinking they go home together.
 After looking around a bit, Rohan was nowhere to be seen.  After walking a little more, Rohan was sitting quietly in a corner alone in the garden.  Sakshi goes to Rohan and asks the reason for sitting alone.
 Sakshi – Rohan, what happened?  Why is he sitting here and that too alone?
 Rohan – In a low voice…  No. nothing, just sitting like that.
 Rohan – You haven’t gone home yet?  And where are Sonam and Sonal?
 Sakshi – Yes, both of them left, had to go early, she was not feeling well, Sonam had worship and Sonam’s house.
Sakshi – But you do not change the matter.  You seem a little upset too.
 (Rohan looks at Sakshi but doesn’t say anything)
Short Motivational story for Students in English – BOARD EXAM
 Sakshi – Hey.., (getting a little annoyed) You have become silent all by yourself.  We are all friends, aren’t we?  Tell me what’s the matter?
 Rohan – man. Sakshi, you know, I want to make a career in music, not in studies.
 Sakshi –
 Rohan – So… Papa wants me to get more than 90% marks in 12th this time.
 (The witness agrees)
 Rohan – Man…, how will I get it.  I’ve never gotten so many marks, and I want to be a musician.  You know I don’t like to read.
 Witness – We…, so you are upset.  Why doesn’t Uncle understand?  You go and tell clearly that you do not like to read.
 Rohan – It’s not that easy man.  What do you think I will speak and Papa will agree.  No. Papa will never agree.
 Sakshi – Why won’t you agree, after all, it is your father, right?  Or Hitler.  (laughs)
 Rohan – Man, Sakshi, I am upset and you are having fun.
 Sakshi – Well sorry I was just trying to improve your mood.
 Rohan, I had tried it too but he insists that he only wants good marks. And every day there is a debate in the house about this matter.
 Sakshi – Keeping your hand on Rohan’s shoulder, don’t worry.  We are all friends or not with you, we will think of something or the other.  Together we will understand Uncle.
 Rohan – I don’t know man if he will agree then will he not?  I’m tired of trying.
 Sakshi – No one. Let us see once more.  What’s the harm in trying.
 Sakshi thinks for a while and the idea… chirping
 Rohan – what happened, what an idea.
 Sakshi – I have thought about what to do.  Now, uncle also has to understand.
 Rohan – What did you think?  Will tell me something too.
 Sakshi – For now let’s go home.  It’s too late.  Mother will be waiting at home.  The board exam is also coming.
 Rohan – But… tell me…
 Witness – don’t you go?  I’ll tell you later.
 And both leave for home.
 The next day all the friends come to the college and together everyone’s planning starts.
 The four talk about something and as soon as college is over, they all go to Rohan’s house.
 Rohan’s mother opens the door. Short Motivational story for students in English – BOARD EXAM
 Hello Aunty – Sonal, Sonam, and Sakshi.
 Rohan’s mother – Hello son.
 Rohan’s mother – Come, come in.  Sit down, I bring water for everyone.
 Brings water and puts it on the table.
 Rohan’s mother – Tell me more.  How is everyone’s preparation for board exams going?  And so many days did not come.
 Everyone says together – aunty is doing well.
 Sakshi – Auntie, Uncle is not visible. Where is it?
 Aunt – son, he has gone for some work.  Will come in a while.  was there any work?
 Sakshi – Oh aunty.
 After a while, the ring bell rings and Rohan opens the door and his father is at the door.
 When Uncle comes in, he sees everyone and says.  Hey.. all together.  How are you all preparing?
 Yes, uncle is doing well.
 Rohan’s father starts going inside the room when Sonal gives a voice.
 Uncle. Rohan’s father looks back and asks.  Hey, son what happened?
 Uncle bath ya a Kuch kaam that – says Sonam.
 Rohan’s father – say yes son.
 Sonal – Uncle Yeh Sonam, explain this, don’t you?  He is interested in cooking, but his father wants him to study.  We are all tired of explaining that this is not a career.  Now, don’t you explain?
 Sakshi – Yes uncle, how much are we all saying that the board should pay attention to the education and then do medical or engineering.  But no, it has become a ghost that only Saif will be made.
 Sonam – Uncle, you tell me how can I do that work in which I do not feel like.
 Life will be a burden to me.
 Sonal – But Uncle Sonam’s father wants him to become an engineer.  Then whether it is interesting or not.  What will happen if you go into depression even for a few days?
 After all, the dream of the parents is also important, isn’t it?  And for their happiness, you will have to sacrifice your happiness.
 Sakshi – Yes, Uncle, I live in a lot of tension nowadays in this class.  But no one could understand his dream.  And when no one is understanding, then you should accept it, should you not?
 Rohan is not saying anything meanwhile.
 Rohan’s parents hear all this and understand that this story is not of Sonam but their son Rohan.
 Rohan’s father goes to Rohan and hugs him.
 And crying… Rohan’s son forgives us.  We could not understand what you want to do, your wishes also matter.
 Nothing is greater for all of us than your happiness.
 All friends hug each other.

 Short Motivational story for Students in English – BOARD EXAM 

Moral of the story:-

 1. Friends are very lovely people. And friendship is a beautiful relationship.  So delay in choosing a friend but make good friends.
 2. Before misunderstood the parents, please explain once.  He is your parent.
Motivational story for Students in english - BOARD EXAM by Akanksha Kashyap

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